Сексапилната американска боксьорка Аврил Мати показа завидни умения и в друг спорт. Тя публикува снимки в една от социалните мрежи, на които играе волейбол в секси бански.
Родената в Австралия боксьорка се справя доста добре и на професионалния ринг, но доскоро бе със счупен глезен.

Beach volley looks so easy from the sidelines, I was kinda mad that I wasn’t amazing at it from day 1 😂 It’s actually so damn tactical and the smallest technical errors will have you and (mostly my) partner scrambling. 🥵😂 A lot like boxing, switching off for half a second can lose you the game, so to make up for my lack of skill and knowledge, I need all the help I can get to stay laser focussed. 😉 @c60purplepower is a powerful antioxidant infused in organic oil that I take every day (my fave is the avocado oil) to shield my body from oxidative toxins (eg, in food, air, radiation, etc) that can have damaging effects such as brain fog & mental fatigue (I had that baaaad for years til 10 days after I started taking @c60purplepower in Dec), headaches, tiredness, joint pain, poor vision, low sex drive, and basically make you look and feel OLD. @c60purplepower works over time to undo that damage and literally reverse the ageing process from the inside. If this sounds like something you need or want to try, there’s a link in my bio and you can use discount code AVRIL10 to get 10% off 💃🏽 #beachvolley #sports #stayfocused #spike #volleyball #antiinflammatorydiet #nutritionmatters #antioxidants #riseandgrind #allthewayup #beachvolleyball #volleyballgirls #avp #athletelife #boxinggirl #crosstraining #agilitytraining #lifeisbetteratthebeach #livingmybestlife #ibelieveicanfly #antiaging #c60 #youngwildandfree

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